Industrial Ro Panel Economy


  • 16 x 2 LCD display.
  • Fully User Programmable.
  • Set Parameter password protected.
  • 4 key interface for onsite programming.
  • 3 Working Mode – AUTO/manual/AMPV.
  • Message Display for on-going process.
  • Message Display for all type of faults.
  • Front LED indication for status.
  • Direct display RUN-HOUR.
The RO Controller is used to control RWP HPP motor as per condition of digitals inputs & it also protects the motors from unhealthy electrical condition like Under voltage & Over voltage . it also gives pump protections like under-load & over-load. It also measure RUN-HOUR. Here also works raw water and treated water floaty, low pressure switch and high pressure switch. It works upto 2 HP RWP and 3HP HPP.
  • Input voltage: - 230VAC, 50Hz. For ECONOMY R.O.PANEL 11 model.
  • Mounting : Panel mounting.
  • Dimensions : CUTOUT 205 MM(W) X 155 MM (H) X 80 MM (D)