Submersible pump starter panel

33 M

Panel / Wall Mounting

Cut out size : 182mm (H) X 92mm (w)
up to 7.5 HP (Each pump)

  • 3 Digit and 7 segment LED display for current, fault and status.
  • Set points and trip delay for the pump protection.
  • Also pump protection in manual mode.
  • Auto/Manual selection is done from front key.
  • Message display for faults.
  • In manual mode there are two separate switches, one for each motor to turn on and off.
  • Also Available in PSP 11M.
  • Overload
  • Under load
  • Over voltage
  • Under voltage
  • Single Phase Preventer
  • Can be used for working stand by, RO service, backwash pump in filters, auto UF Plant.
  • Both the pump can be selected as 1 phase or 3 phase type.